Thursday, April 14, 2011

slow going but I'm trying

My hexagon pile is small but its slowly growing, I'm using mostly Rosalie Quinlan fabrics and I love the way you can fussy cut some fabrics, the effect is so interesting. I have tacked them all so far as I thought these would be the outside flowers and get the most wear while I'm putting it together. Once I have a row together I'll use my new glue pen and then things should speed up a little. These ones here I'm saving for the middle as they are so cute on their own so I thought I would use plain fabrics for the outside.
How is everyone else going? I see some beautiful hexagons on this blog, well done to everyone. Keep up the good work.


delia hornbook said...

Lovely work, the nice thing i feel about working with hexagons is that you don't need to rush them but enjoy the magic of them coming together into little flowers. I find it so relaxing to. Love your fabrics, dee x

Jo in TAS said...

Lovely fussy cutting. I'm still waiting for my papers to arrive and I'm thinking of using my jelly roll of Bliss!

Q said...

your fussy cut centres are adorable I love them! I've had a momentary lapse in mine because of a hectic work, but will be right back to it asap!
Gluing all mine though :D

Anonymous said...

Your fussy cutting is gorgeous! :)

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