Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hexagon Quilt

Hi and thanks for having me as part of this group which will hopefully produce many beautiful hexagon quilts!   I have done a bit of organising today as I have recently received my hexagons from Busy Fingers and have my fabrics already!   Whoops - how did that Easter Bunny get in there??

I'm keen to start cutting - there may be some progress in that department by tomorrow!!   I'm using some of my favourite Nancy Halvorsen fabrics (Sarah and I have the same taste!!)  Enjoy the holiday weekend break and Happy Easter everyone!   This rainy weather is great for stitching!!


Josie said...

Love your fabrics. How come that Golden Bunny is still in it's must have some willpower!
Look forward to seeing your hexie blooms.

Kathy said...

Your fabrics are beautiful. That Easter bunny will melt if he stays in there too long!

Sarah said...

Delicious fabrics :p

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