Friday, April 15, 2011

My Hexagon Story

A couple of years ago a friend showed me some work she was doing with 2 1/2 inch hexagons and reproductions. I fell in love with the idea of hand stitching a quilt. It was not going to be finished tomorrow, it was something that would be there as long as I wanted it to be. When I got home I had a look at my stash and just couldn't decide which fat 1/4's to cut into. So after a very restless sleep I woke realizing that this just had to be a scrap quilt. ( I seem to solve a lot of my quilting "issues" overnight when I should be sleeping). And so it began. My theme for my quilt is - the fabric must be a scrap from a project I have made over the years. The colors I have used for gifts and myself are so diverse, it will be interesting to see how it will come together. The best part of this idea was that I used up all those bits of bindings as they are the exactly the right size. 
 After seeing Leanne's version with the little stitchery, Yippee....

These are some of my flowers. I have been playing with the effect of stripes but I am limited with them being scraps - the fun of the challenge.

Fabrics cut and stored ready for papers.

I use this little project bag to take my hexagons to any place of waiting - train station, school pick ups, Dr's etc. If I have to wait I might as well see something for my time. I have also found stitching with silk thread an absolute dream. I found the 100% cotton seemed to tangle. 
I now find myself putting aside little bits for my hexagons whenever I cut a new project, and just quietly I probably buy a little more so I have more leftover. After all this quilt is supposed to have a hexagon representing each project I have sewn.  I am looking forward to Vignette Issue 3 to see how Leanne Beasley finishes the quilt. 



Q said...

I have not cut any of mine out of anything but scraps so far, but I am tempted to steal from my stash and may well do so. As I have not been sewing for very long though, I don't have a very large amount of scraps and am already at a point where I have most of what I can make from the scraps that I have. Because of the time to, the variation in styles and colours is not so big, because I have a very definite preference (mostly) when it comes to buying (unless it's unbelievably cheap of course!) I'm sure yours will look just as lovely as all of the others!

delia hornbook said...

I think its a great idea using scraps of fabrics there always seem to be loads left over from other projects and if your like me i can never bring myself to throw it away. Being thrifty is great ;-)) dee x

rosie said...

This is the first time I haven't used scraps and it feels really decadent to be cutting into good material!! I love scraps, and I also do my best problem solving at night!

Kathy said...

I like this project because it isn't a finish tomorrow one but like you say a long as you like one. Can't believe how much I am enjoying making them and also love looking at everyones posts to see their flowers.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on doing a very scrappy quilt too. I have so many little bits that I'm probably never going to use in a quilt unless it's hexies too. Mine won't be so matchy matchy... but it will have lots of beautiful favourite fabrics in it that I have used over the last few years. Yours are looking great!

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