Thursday, May 5, 2011

My name is De and Im a hexagon addict

I have 8 flowers sewn together (thats 2 blocks) and another in the process and lots more hexies to go !

Im running out of "scraps" may have to start of the stash or make something else to create more scraps because I dont want my hexies to the the same - similar is ok - just not identical!

Hope everyone else is steaming along too!



Anonymous said...

Maybe we should do a swap De? I'm in the same position now - almost used all of my scraps and I don't want any hexies to look the same!!

rosie said...

Where do I sign up 'Hexagons Anonymous'!! I can't stop these long enough todo the stitching on the other Vignette quilt...
My name is Rosie and I too am a hexagon addict!!!!

Renny's little things said...

I am the same I don't want matching Hexi's in mine either.
Farmyard Crafts and De if you want to swap some email me I will swap with you
Cheers Geniene

Quilt Kitty said...

Girls I have a stash that is embarrasing, thanks to the quilt shop I did my weekly class at closing down & fabrics selling out super cheap. I am happy to share & do up a little parcel of maybe 12 different fabrics enough for a hexie flower out of each. You can give me preferences for colour or type or look at my posted hexies & point out what you like. Just email me. Tracee xx

Susie said...

wow - so much progress - they look really really good!

Sue Pickwell said...

I can swap some fabrics with you if you like, let me know.
Mine are all going to be different as well.
Let me know

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