Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've started

Well the big day has come and gone and I have started on my hexagons. I know the pic is not all necessary for here but you can see the fabrics etc and I did order the magazines and the yellow jelly roll too. I'm just having a quick tea break and I'll be getting back into them shortly and will share some pics tomorrow of them laid out a bit. Can't wait to start stitching and I have just jumped in and used the glue pen so am hoping that the tiny amount I have used will not in anyway rot the fabric etc. Mind you it was many years ago and a very different product I used called 'no more pins'! Plus a slow cooker is a sewing girls best friend only need to stop to put veg on LOL.


Sue Pickwell said...

Hello, pretty fabrics you have there, I love the James Herriot books, remind me of home, did you watch the TIV series All creatures great and small?
Happy Stitching

Q said...

yay for slow cookers! - Just as long as you are not like me and forget to put it on in the first place! Have fun hexie-ing.

Anonymous said...

Sue - Watched the series when it was on the ABC many, many years ago and we watched from the start. Love it!
Q - haven't managed to forget it yet but it will happen one day LOL. Bound to when my head is so full of other things like craft LOL.

Off to school now so I can start stitching hexies!

Quilt Kitty said...

Great idea with the slow cooker. I also cook in bulk so it's just a quick reheat the next night. Enjoy! Tracee xx

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