Monday, June 13, 2011

Newbie Here ;-)

Hi y'all! ;-)
I've been following this blog for awhile now and I am
in awe with all the super cute hexie flowers you are all
making..... they are Beautiful!!!!
I'm a quilting newbie and these are going to be
my very first hexies ever!
I got myself a jewerly drawer organizer to keep myself
 somewhat organized and just about an
hour ago -2:00am USA Eastern Time- 
finished cutting the fabric for a few hexies and
packed them along other supplies 
to be able to make them while out of town.
For now I plan in using mostly solids in pastels tones
that I bought for a different project but didn't use.
I hope to acquire confidence in this technique
(and see if I can then tackle the In Stitches BOM... lol...
I got a bit intimidated)!
Thanks for having me!


Anne-Mette said...

Just wait and see, you will be addicted to hexagons as the rest of us are ;-)).
Have fun starting this project.

Vintage Cate said...

The best thing about hexies is that you can take them anywhere. They are so much fun to create. Happy stitching.

Kristen said...

Welcome!!! Soon you too will be taking hexies everywhere and working on them. Can't wait to see your progress!

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard. I am loving making them too and am surprised at how quickly it is coming together LOL.

Sarah said...

Love the bod *M*! It is perfect for this project. I am sure you will get hooked like the rest of us!

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