Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Flowers

Its been a while, but look what iv done.....
I was going to use waffle fabric for my centers but it was to bulky and frayed to much so.
I have gone with plain white, im not sure if ill stitch any thing in them or leave it plain.
Its a lot of stitching and i have a lot of projects i want to do.
I have 45 stitched flowers, 22 waiting to be stitched

and about 32 waiting to be glued.

Im keeping it scrappy so any fabric i find that will fit 6 hexies i use, but im running out unless i start using some of my darker country colours, ive been lucky to keep it with softer colours.

What do you think buy some fabric or could i go with some darker fabric?

I think i have about 95 all up.

My mother has also start, she is also doing scrappy but her colours are country.

She is also enjoying it but her hands do get a bit sore after doing a couple a night(so do mine)

Keep up withthe up dates, its great to see all the combinations

Till next post Sharyn


Anonymous said...

You have a great array of fabrics and they are all gorgeous colours too. You might like to lay out a few bits of country fabric and scatter some other hexagons around them just to try and get an idea on what they would look like. Some would obviously look better than others.

Sharon said...

I love your array of fabrics. I would lay some of the darker colors in and see if it is where you want to go and if not .... YAY .... shopping time for more fabric!! :o) I never need and excuse to buy fabric but you do have a good one (reason) if you need it :o)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your hexie flowers look beautiful and I know what you mean about the sore hands!!

Sarah said...

Going great guns Sharon!

Susie said...

Just gorgeous - well done. You put me to shame, still haven't started but have my fabric and hexies out ready. Love watching everyone else's progress though, happy stitching, Susie

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