Monday, June 6, 2011

Hexagons & Cutting Mat

These are my Hexagons I am going with a scrappy quilt. I have to get in and get some more done some of your girls are well in front of me.

I also thought I would show you this rotating cutting mat that Sarah gave me for my birthday. It is only small so you can pack it with you if you need to travel. I just love it and if you would like one go here.


Anonymous said...

Love the hexies and they are a great range of colours. That wheel would make glue basting even quicker too.

Kristen said...

That cutting mat would make basting faster...hmmm...:) AND, it is pink! Might have to get one.

Josie said...

Love your little pink wheel! You've made about the same number of hexies as me... you'll be way ahead of me soon... so don't worry about being last!!
I'm doing scrappy too.

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