Monday, September 26, 2011

Hi everyone,I haven't been on for ages,thought I would up date.
Well, as you know we crafters always have 10 things on the go all at the same time.I have decided to try and catch up with things ,and finish a few.
Finished the Aran cardie,made my grandsons birthday card,made a couple of necklaces whew getting there.
I have also started a Christmas tree box for a friend(made lots of these in the past,didn't think I would ever make another one,but every year someone asks me to]
the front and back of Bryce's 4th birthday card.

Christmas tree sweet box ,will put a pic of finished box on later.

The hexis are all finished and stitched together,no idea what to do with the edges,any ideas gratefully received.Happy crafting everyone.


Anonymous said...

You've been very busy. Love your quilt. I have decided to do the same as Leannes quilt and applique it to a white border. It gives a really nice finish.

Sue Pickwell said...

Great job on the hexis Lou, can I send mine to you?????

Annette said...

your quilt looks great......I'm always on the look out for different knitting patterns, can you tell me what book your cardie is in.

Molly said...

Half flowers on the edge to fill in the gaps is how one of mine is finished. The other is applicade to a solid border.

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