Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quilting Finished! Binding to Go!

I have picked up my Hexagon guilt from Belinda
and couldn't wait to show you all.....
She has done an amazing job and I am just a tad excited about
how well the quilting design that I chose has turned out.....
It will be perfect on my bed for Spring.....
I haven't started the binding yet but definitely
have it on the top of my to do list....
I will bind it in the same white fabric
that I used for the border.....
The quilting has hidden my little mistake where I cut the
border in the wrong spot so I am really happy with that.....
It looks like a flower garden and compliments
my fabrics beautifully....
I will show you another pic when the binding is on.....
Yay!!! Can you tell I am excited! I feel like Big Kev!
Until next time, Happy Stitching

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Slowly I am getting Flowers sewn.

Hi everyone....I am loving seeing everyones flowers...such pretty fabrics and everyones quilts are going to look gorgeous!!

I had a break from sewing these flowers but lately I have the urge to sew them.
Lucky for me that I had several waiting to be sewn together in my little box and over the last few days, I have sewn these flowers for my garden.

I have enjoyed sewing them again and hoping to get them sewn together to form the rows of the quilt very soon.
I am using my scraps to make the flowers as there is plenty of scraps that need to be used.
Hope everyone is having fun sewing their hexie flowers.
Hugs to all..

Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Hexagonpattern "La Passion"

Hi everyone,
my Hexagonquilt "La Passion" come near on finish.
I give the pattern on my blog and it start in middle of September.

I wish a nice day.

(Sorry for my English)

Liebe Grüße Grit
from Germany

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