Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vignette Hexagon Quilt - Chapter 2

Just checking in to say I'm still working on the hexagons for this quilt. I hexed up a ton while traveling and relaxing in Florida. This is an awesome project for on the go or just in front of the tv (got a fair share hexed up during the Royal Wedding!!) I even got a few flowers put together! I still need to stitch up the embroidered hexies. Those will be sweet for this quilt!

I'm late, I'm late

Ok, I'm sorry to be only showing my fabric but better late than never right?

I was lucky enough for my hubby to pick this up for me in the USA - well I got it sent with free postage to his hotel........(can't wait for him to go back!).

Robert Kaufman 1930's buttercup

So, I really should open this fabric up and take a better photo shouldn't I? This fabric is truly gorgeous...The hexie quilt is just perfect for it I think (thank's Sam for suggesting a hexie quilt!) Vignette #2 came out just in time. Can't wait to start.......... 
Happy Stitching everyone. Susie

The case of the missing hexies

Last night I resumed my "car sitting" whilst waiting for daughter and I managed to stitch up a few hexie flowers but that was after just a minor drama..........

I know I had 6 petals - I had prepared them all the night before and I had even counted them when I pulled them out to start stitching. The four petals were stitched on and it was then decided to do a run to Macca's and I put them aside for safe travelling. After eating and returning to the car to stitch I couldnt find the two hexies - spent half an hour with both DH and I searching the car - no luck! I believe they may be in the MacDonalds car park. DH did offer to go back and look but the weather was awful and I knew that even if he did find them that they wouldnt be salvageable so I continued along with more flowers. After coming home I managed to find just enough fabric to complete this flower - how lucky was that.


First time


My name is Michelle,
I live in the beautiful city of Dunedin, New Zealand.

This is my first post, one of many I hope, as I work my way through making

I was lucky enough to win a fat quarter pack of the full range of Sweet Broderie, by Rosalie Quinlan.
So this is what I will use for my quilt,
and as you can see have started.
I will post more pictures, when I have made some more.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I've got some done....but lots more to follow!

Hi everyone!! It's great to be a part of this unique group who just love sewing hexies :) I have loved them for ages and ages and have made several projects from them and now with these 1" hexies I was sewing them up but didnt have an idea of what I wanted to do with them until Leanne dazzled me with her quilt in her Vignette #2 magazine. I love it Leanne and now have a direction to follow with my hexies.

I look forward to sewing more hexies and sharing this journey with you all :)
hugs to all Vicki ♥ ... The Pickledish Patch.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few more flowers.....

These are just so lovely to sew.    So relaxing yet fun to do.  Can't pass my fabric stash without wanting to
 cut more hexies!

I found this pretty tin in the supermarket.   Just had to have it to keep my hexies in.

Think I'd better do some of the stitched hexies soon... can't wait to start joining them all together.

Hope you're all enjoying this project as much as I am.

Josie X

I've started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my first hexagon and now to continue. As you all can see
I am doing this the old fashioned way heheheh. Hate to use
any type of glue.

keeping My Hexagon's In

This is what I keep all my materials in for my hexagon's it is a Shangri-La jelly roll tin every thing fits in lovely. I will be back to show you my hexagon's that I have made so far.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have made 8 yellow hexagonnen this month. The hexagonnen are 1/2 inch large, and made of scraps. I like it to make them, and think about a bigger size. I am looking for a fierce gaudy  jelly roll for a bigger project with hexagons.  I have found the vignette magazine in the Netherlands and i like it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Flowers

Hello from Canada

So nice to join you all, I am working on my first flower right this minute!  I hope to have some pictures tonight to show you.  Ladies, your flowers are so pretty...

If you use the glue method (I am having to use a glue stick) do you still have to tack the corners down before you whip them together?  Have a wonderful day.


I've finally picked out my fabrics for my hexagon quilt and am I excited! I have had these Nancy Halvorsen fabrics saved for another project, but was so inspired by all the others using her fabrics that I decided to use them for this one. I am also going to attempt to use the Accuquilt Go! hexagon die to cut them. It may be a little slow going at first as I figure it out, but so hope it will easy to use and accurate.

After reading about the Sewline glue pen I am going to attempt to use it.  I'm hoping it won't be as messy as a glue stick and a little easier than the hand basting.  We will see shortly.  You'd think with all my research I'd just start cutting and sewing...and after finally picking out my fabrics I just might!

Happy Sewing--Kristen


I am Anne-Mette from Denmark. Thanks for letting me join this sew along. I am looking forward to make my pink hexagon flower quilt and to see, what you all are doing.
Yesterday I made my first pink hexagon and a "Filler". Must admit I don't have the Vignette Magazine. The quiltshop near me don't have it, but in June I will be visiting a shop, where I will be able to see it and maybe buy it. Till then I will just sew :-).

I also participate in a hexie swap and so far I have recieved 4 hexagon flowers to add to the one from yesterday. Making hexagons is great to put in between other projects. In my stash I don't find many pink fabrics, but I will try to use, what I have ....and I might "have to" buy some too. Please forgive me my wrong spelling, wrong words or wrong grammar :-).

Monday, April 25, 2011

Progress At Last

The Easter long weekend has been kind to my hexie flower making efforts so have something to show for month 1 of this project. My goal is 12 flowers a month so I will take just on a year to complete, fingers crossed!

I decided to try the glue method but living in the Northern suburbs of Perth city a quilting shop is at least 30kms away so tried the chain gangs of Spotlight & Textile Traders with no success. So decided why not call in the big guns & use a bottle of fabric glue, not as easy but so far so good though a lot messier & sticky on the fingers.

I love my AFL footy which is great for productivity now so this was the result of the Thursday night Footy Show viewing followed by the movie Inception. Lots of gluey hexies waiting to dry properly.

After watching a couple of movies last night, here's my first 12 flowers finished.

This is my first random stash quilt so the thought of putting all these different colours & values together is freaking me out a bit. So, when in doubt, procrastinate! I'll make up the blocks later & decided I need to do a lot more less bold choices to mellow things out a bit.

While watching the ANZAC footy match today I cut out another 13 flowers & in 2 hours when the Dockers Vs Doggies game starts I get back to glueing again.

Happy stitching (& glueing!)
Tracee xx

My Hexagons So Far

Well these are my hexagons that i have done so far. But mine are a little bigger than every one else`s. Because mum said this is what you have to do then she found out that she was wrong. So now i have big hexagons. But when i have do the quilt with the big hexagons, i will then do the small one lol love you mum xox

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hexagon Quilt

Hi and thanks for having me as part of this group which will hopefully produce many beautiful hexagon quilts!   I have done a bit of organising today as I have recently received my hexagons from Busy Fingers and have my fabrics already!   Whoops - how did that Easter Bunny get in there??

I'm keen to start cutting - there may be some progress in that department by tomorrow!!   I'm using some of my favourite Nancy Halvorsen fabrics (Sarah and I have the same taste!!)  Enjoy the holiday weekend break and Happy Easter everyone!   This rainy weather is great for stitching!!

Its caught me!!!!

I have now got a hexibug and will be making a scrappy quilt. So will be starting today and see if I could get some done, and this will be my on the go project. Will have them in my bag all the time and when I have a few minutes I will get some done. hehehehe!!!

Ready to go.

Ever since I made my first hexagons for the Biggest Hexagon Quilt I have wanted to make more. So I am delighted to join you lovely ladies here at " the Vignette Hexagon Quilt" and start making my.

As I have soooooooooo many scraps thought I would make my out of them.

My DD2 gave me this lovely (empty) tin to put my Hexies in.

My pre-cut 1" paper hexies arrived, so now I am ready to start.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My first 2 Hexies:

Here are my first two hexagons! I used my Nancy Halverson fabrics. I think it took me longer to choose my fabrics for these two than to actually make them! Not sure if I should go with a scrappy quilt OR a Nancy Halverson scrappy quilt? What do you think?

I was going to do some fussy cutting here, but I couldn't for the life of me get that paper of the template for a few days LOL!

I have got some hexies all ready glued down ready to stitch together which will be the next few nights sewing.......

x Sarah

Friday, April 22, 2011


Don't keel over.... I am here! Been very envious of all your flowers which has made me get into making a couple myself. I did decide that I will get into mine once I finish the Tis The Season stitchery blocks with the Stitch-A-Long blog, but, I felt SO bad that I squished them in between the last couple blocks. I will show you tomorrow because I wanted to show you what I just found, HERE

x Sarah

PS: I also wanted to say, for those of you who have joined us it will be a great idea if you 'Follow by Email' so you dint miss any posts.

PSS: And, I wanted to wish you and your families and wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making a start

I've made a start with some hexies! Two completely together and another six ready to go with more fabric scaps ironed and ready to the cut.

I've decided that this will be my "car" project of a Friday night when I have a bit of a wait for one of the children - will just have to get myself a portable light to see properly!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something to Show at last!

I have been pondering over what to use- something for me, in my colours, or go for something a little brighter.  I bought a few pieces and made up some hexagons and my girls liked my choice- so back to the shop to get some more - and with hexagon papers on hand, I can now work at my own pace.   I have tacked the papers to the fabric as that is the way I did it about 30 years ago when I last did some hexagons.  The fabric choices then were vastly different to what is available today!

Just started.

Well as you can seen I have started on the hexagons.  I never thought I would like paper piecing but I love it.  I have even done a couple of the little stitchery flowers (in the hoop).  I found a nice tin to keep them in - I knew I would find a use for it one day.

Finally..... I have some flowers!

It's taken a bit of time to get into the rythm of this project but now I'm off and running stitching.

I chose this project for my Friday Night Sew In last night and it paid off.   At last I have some flowers to show. 

I just love making them.   They are so portable and addictive too.  They've got me hooked on Paper Piecing something that I never in a million years thought would happen.  

I'm working from stash at the moment but have ordered a couple of 'surprise' Moda Scrap Bags.  I've got my fingers crossed that I get some cheery fabrics to turn into blooms.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves as much as I am.

Till next time

Josie X

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Hexagon Story

A couple of years ago a friend showed me some work she was doing with 2 1/2 inch hexagons and reproductions. I fell in love with the idea of hand stitching a quilt. It was not going to be finished tomorrow, it was something that would be there as long as I wanted it to be. When I got home I had a look at my stash and just couldn't decide which fat 1/4's to cut into. So after a very restless sleep I woke realizing that this just had to be a scrap quilt. ( I seem to solve a lot of my quilting "issues" overnight when I should be sleeping). And so it began. My theme for my quilt is - the fabric must be a scrap from a project I have made over the years. The colors I have used for gifts and myself are so diverse, it will be interesting to see how it will come together. The best part of this idea was that I used up all those bits of bindings as they are the exactly the right size. 
 After seeing Leanne's version with the little stitchery, Yippee....

These are some of my flowers. I have been playing with the effect of stripes but I am limited with them being scraps - the fun of the challenge.

Fabrics cut and stored ready for papers.

I use this little project bag to take my hexagons to any place of waiting - train station, school pick ups, Dr's etc. If I have to wait I might as well see something for my time. I have also found stitching with silk thread an absolute dream. I found the 100% cotton seemed to tangle. 
I now find myself putting aside little bits for my hexagons whenever I cut a new project, and just quietly I probably buy a little more so I have more leftover. After all this quilt is supposed to have a hexagon representing each project I have sewn.  I am looking forward to Vignette Issue 3 to see how Leanne Beasley finishes the quilt. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

slow going but I'm trying

My hexagon pile is small but its slowly growing, I'm using mostly Rosalie Quinlan fabrics and I love the way you can fussy cut some fabrics, the effect is so interesting. I have tacked them all so far as I thought these would be the outside flowers and get the most wear while I'm putting it together. Once I have a row together I'll use my new glue pen and then things should speed up a little. These ones here I'm saving for the middle as they are so cute on their own so I thought I would use plain fabrics for the outside.
How is everyone else going? I see some beautiful hexagons on this blog, well done to everyone. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't stop....

I started last weekend with two Moda scrapbags of City Weekend. I don't know if I will be able to get all the hexagons I need from this but it is a good start. They are so portable - I've got 8 done so far. I did one at football training, two at sewing group and others in front of the TV. Now I have to do some more preparation so I can make more.

and on the way....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Travelling with Hexagons.

Retro hot pink carry case
Packed full of hexagon loveliness!

It was while packing my retro hot pink old case (that someone was going to throw out!), that I had an 'a-ha' moment....This project would be absolutely perfect for the travelling 'grey nomad'.
It is so portable, you don't even need an iron. Just your needle and thread, pretty material, glue-pen, pre-cut hexagons, scissors, template and some zip-lock bags, and of course, a 'flash' container to hold them all...

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm ready to start

As i am already doing a scrappy hexagon quilt i decided to buy a jelly roll for this one. I bought Dilly Dally by Me & My Sister Designs. The roll, along with my hexagons arrived last week. Now to find the time to prepare the hexagons. I have plenty of tone on tone scraps which i'll use for the embroidered hexagons.
First lot of hexagons i ordered i didn't realise didn't have the template with it so i had to order another set. Certainly have plenty of hexagons now to keep me going. :)
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have finally chosen some fabrics to make this quilt.  Over the years I have bought some small pieces of fabrics because I have liked the sets but had no idea what to do with them.  I decided this might be a good project for them all, hopefully the end result will be good with all the colours liking each other.  I used paperclips to hold down a couple of hexagons as the paper was starting to come out.  I am so surprised how quick they went together, last time I tried making these things I was so slow and maybe worrying too much about the stitching.  It was great at midnight to be stitching and seeing it all come together.  Happy stitching Hexagons everyone.

Decadent Quilting..

I have made a start......Gathered up all the beautiful 'Sweet Broderie' fat quarters by Rosalie Quinlan and bravely set about to cut into them!! We live on a farm and I wasn't about to make a trip into town for templastic so...... I got out an old x-ray and soaked it in white king and water and voila! Template plastic! This could save lots of dollars, which could buy even more fat quarters!! I am loving the Sewline glue pen and the one inch pre-cut hexagons..
I have never made a scrap quilt from perfectly good fat quarters before, it feels kind of decadent!! But the colors are gorgeous.
Notice one of the flowers is missing a petal, I thought the cat had taken it! Found it at the bottom of my basket!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Joining in! Thanks Sarah and Leanne

I know... we all need more projects on our lists right :D LOL
I have been plugging away, here are my completed hexie flowers so far:

I have 15 done and 5 waiting to go.

but, guess what?! just in case you need something more to add to the to do list, check out what I found on Aneela Hoey's Blog Comfort Stitching... A pouch made of hexagons to store even more hexagons, I know you want one!?
Pic is copyright Aneelya Hoey and from her Blog

Friday, April 8, 2011

My First Two Flowers

At last I have my first two flowers to show you,

And plans for the next 138.....

I'm hooked of course!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vignette Hexagon Quilt - Chapter 1

Spent yesterday afternoon cutting up scraps for this exciting new project!! Also (ma bad) I ordered fabric from one of my favorite etsy stores just for this quilt:

Isn't this just too yummy?

Gotta love the dots!

It's April 3rd and it's snowing Northern Michigan. So glad I'm flying out to Florida on Tuesday morning to visit my parents. Hoping the snow doesn't follow me.

The package of my new fabric should be waiting for me when I return home!! More cutting and more hexagons!! In the meantime, my vacation kit of hexies is ready to go in my travel bag. Hoping to get a ton of them done during the trip!

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