Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hope you all had a great Christmas,I spent mine with my lovely hubby ,my youngest daughter and her 2 children.My eldest daughter lives in Australia spoke to her on the phone(miss her Loads).it is very hot there. I have started my 2nd quilt,this one is for my daughter,Havnt done any sewing over Christmas (cant with kids around). I have been knitting though,(I just cant sit and do nothing,)this is what I have been making .
this little baby doll is for my friends first grandchild due in Feb,and its a pink one...
The fairy and superman are for my grandchildren.I have started Santa .
All the patterns are from Jean Greenhow,s booklets.
Just thought I would pop in a pic of my Christmas Tree. Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve ,see you all in 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.XXX


Lis said...

HI ... that tree is wonderful!!! - and the dolls just great.
Have a happy New Year! :-)

HG's Blog said...

Hi Just checking out your blog, as you left a lovely message on mine. I have just learnt how to leave a comment today. How new am I??
I am off to explore your blog!!! Cheers Helen

laurajane said...

Hi Helen,I am not great at blogging yet,
I can put pictures on ,but do get in a bit of a muddle.Have been trying to make it look more exciting,but havnt a clue...
Will keep at it though.thanks for taking an interest.laura x

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