Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just One More...

Our family had a car trip on Sunday for a couple of hours which was a great opportunity to do a little stitching. I'm thankful that I'm able to stitch in the car and not feel sick - amazing what you can get done.

I took along my last cut out hexagon flower to finish. So nice to have another one done!

So now there are 13 little blooms to my collection. Slowly growing as life gets so busy with school age children and running a family business.......and also having too many projects on the go (lol).

Its great to catch up on everyone's progress too on the blog. Always so nice.

Now to cut some more hexagons!


Débora said...

Lovely colors and beautiful flowers.

You're lucky you can stitch in the car. I can't. I get dizzy so easily.

Best regards from Spain

laurajane said...

Love the colours you are are lucky you can sew in the car.I have to sit straight and look ahead lol. I was wondering if you were driving at the same time..haha

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