Friday, August 12, 2011

It's never going to be quilted at this rate......

Ohh Help Me!!!!!  What a week of ups and downs in my creative space.

Earlier in the week I had my Hexagon quilt all "sandwiched" together ready to go for some hand quilting.  I was so pleased that I was within reach for a finish .... not just a top Finnish but a complete finish and what made even more exciting was that I had promised myself that I could have a real play with my new toy, my Go Baby if I got a real finish.

Well my hexagon quilt went from this

then to having 8 hexagons hand quilted (sorry didn't get a pic of this bit) which involved working on it every spare minute I had when things started to fall apart....literally. I had used a basting spray and then pinned the quilt and to my disgust the basing spray wasn't sticking so I tried to do some border quilting to help hold the fabric.  I thought this was working until yesterday morning when I sat and assessed the situation.   Lets let some photos show you what happened next ..........

I thought I could just unpick some bits to fix and go from there.........

Nope ...... In my utter disgust at the state of my quilt, I unpicked it ALL and am going to have to start again.

It is now hanging on the side of my storage unit waiting my attention :(

One positive thing for my poor quilt top is that I have decided to Bind it in the same fabric as the border!

Thank you EVERYONE for your suggestions on the border fabric it has been GREATLY APPRECIATED.

I am loving the progress that everyone is sharing here.

Happy stitching, Sharon


frog cottage designs said...

ohhh I feel your pain...I am madly trying to bind my grandson Noahs ark quilt...and while I was quilting it, I turned it over and to my disgust the material had slipped, annoyed I too took to the long task of 'unpick'....just keep focused on how wonderful it will be when its finished... I love the border!!! might be what I will do instead of a hexi border hmmmm...
happy stitching
Deb R

Sunnysandra said...

oh oh what a bad luck. I hope you find sone the time and spirit to start all over again.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Leave it for a week or two and then you might feel more interested to give it another go. I have never used basting spray before as I prefer to hand tack layers together first. I love the border too.

Q said...

oopsie so sorry about your dramas Sharon, see if it was me, I would have put the whole thing through the shredder, the after photo would be confetti like LOL

It will get done and it will be smashing :)

Amish Stories said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

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